Thursday, 14 June 2012

24. Art Makes Life Journal Quilt

This is one of those Journal Quilts that just happen, for no other reason than that I wanted to return to something I did in the past.Because the 52 Journals project is entirely my own  I went ahead and did it. It's loosely based on the 3 Journal Quilts dedicated to Venice (you can see one here) I made some years back and which were on show in my colour-quilts-collage exhibition last year where all 3 were sold. This time I divided the A4 space into 16 rectangles (simply by folding a sheet of A4l) and added some of my favourite things in the spaces. I used fabrics I hand painted last summer and which were all decorated with dotty circles, still my most favourite shape of all time. Three pieces of a fabric-paper collage with an Art theme were sewn on as well as a photograph of valerian printed onto fabric. 3 big buttons bought recently were added as well as a sparkly F (a gift) to signify it's my JQ! Further decoration was provided by a peacock (from an old earring) and 2 metal butterflies painted with a variety of acrylics and metal rubbing colours. Of course I could not help myself and beaded the entire piece liberally. Hand dyed lace was the final touch.

I used a Monet themed fabric for the backing and found it also made for a pleasing border.

This piece has no serious message like some of the other ones have. It's simply a piece of froth and bubbles, made for my own delight. The title comes from one of the fabric paper collage pieces.

Remember if you want to see all the previous Journal Quilts I've made for the 52 Journals project you can click on the relevant tag below or have a look at the slideshow in the sidebar.I'm nearing the half way point!


Celia Warren said...

Stunningly beautiful - so summery and cheerful.

Linda said...

saw this first on FB Frieda-again, I must say this piece is stunning!!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I always love reading about how you make them, thanks for that extra work!

Doreen said...

This I love!

Irene said...

I just love your journals and thank you so much for sharing how you make them.

Linda said...

I'm in a quiltie swap and plan on making my quities similar to this idea-not as many squares, thank goodness. Beautiful, delightful to see.

Marie Costa said...

I really love this one. It just sparkles with happiness, so I was not surprised to read that it has bits and pieces of stuff you love! It shows.


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