Monday, 18 June 2012

The sun is back

We were rewarded for the weeks of unending rain and cold by a gloriously sunny warm day in which I noticed how all flowers suddenly seem to have woken up from their winter slumbers and are putting on quite a show. Lovely pink lupins as seen above
 and Jacob's ladder dressed in blue
as well as the baskets we planted up months ago and which have been living in the greenhouse. A red petunia turned out to have a purple centre. Gorgeous.
We took a walk in the field next door and discovered this small newt (2" long approx) hiding in the sheep's water. It took ages to locate him (or her!) in among the leaves and twigs. He became the blip for today!
I wanted to get a good picture of the Pentland Hills for a project I'm working on and today proved to be an ideal time, what with the clouds making pretty patterns in the sky!


Linda said...

The sun seems to make all of us feel better. Enjoying the photos.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love your Lupines, Frieda . . . . they are so beautiful!

Jewels said...

Wonderful pics Frieda - the colours are gorgeous. Love your newt - I have a salamander living in my garden who comes out to sun himself from time to time then quickly run back to his favorite hiding spot when I show up...

Maggi said...

What beautiful flowers! And that newt looks nice and cool in the water! lol


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