Friday, 6 July 2012

ATC exchange with Lenna

My ATC for Lenna
I can reveal the above Artist Trading Card (ATC) as it has safely arrived with Lenna in Florida. Lenna and I used to be part of a Yahoo group in which we exchanged ATCs every month (the Colour Groupies) which stopped as we were all very busy artists. But we missed our monthly exchanges specially as we also used to write each other letters, you know, actually written missives! So Lenna suggested we do a swap where we have 3 months to respond to each other's art. Lenna kicked us off with her ATC as seen below which had the theme of Friendship! And I responded with the above one, also Friendship themed. I used my own hand-made felt as base, added a piece of hand-painted fabric and the two words as shown. Then I used a flower shape (Alpha Stamps) a round piece of craft cork covered with turban cotton and a picture of guess who?
I'm grateful to Lenna who scanned the envelope I made for her (I'd completely forgotten to do so before mailing) and also the stamps weren't added till I got to the West Linton Post Office where the postmaster assisted me in getting some exciting stamps (published for the Queen's jubilee) on the envelope. You can see more about these cards on Lenna's blog post
Lenna's ATC for me
Wonder what she will send me next but she's given me a little hint already on her website!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

lucky, lucky me. mail art, a letter, and a beautiful piece of art! wheeee! Thank you so much Frieda. I really enjoy this slower-paced swap with you.

Linda said...

what a lovely ATC!! Lenna is a lucky friend indeed!


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