Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Meeting up with Margaret

 I met up with my cousin Margaret and her daughter today. Margaret is the youngest daughter of my father's oldest brother and was born in Canada where her parents had emigrated to in the early fifties. She now lives in The Netherlands whereas I moved from there many years ago to end up living in Scotland. She and her daughter are on a coachtrip to Scotland and we arranged a rendezvous in Edinburgh.
 She and Chantal had a visit to Edinburgh castle high on their wishlist so that's where we went. At the top a view from the battlements across the Forth river towards Fife and here you can just about see that Margaret is as keen a photographer as I am, whereas Chantal is simply enjoying the view.
 The weather was typically Scottish. We had lunch outside and at times in the sunshine it was even warm whereas we had to take shelter at tea-time as all of a sudden the rain came lashing down.
Of course we had to pay a visit to St. Margaret's chapel within the castle walls and I've captured her here in one of the leaded windows. Even though Margaret and I don't see each other often, we seem to be able to simply pick up our conversation from the last time (2005) and carry on from there. It was lovely to meet up with them and fingers crossed they'll enjoy their Scottish trip so much that they will be back soon.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh, that is lovely! I am glad you had a nice visit. The castle and chapel are really something!

Linda said...

Enjoy your visit. Alway nice to have visitors.

Linda said...

sounds like a wonderful time! Edinburgh castle is on my list of places to visit "when" I get to Scotland:)


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