Sunday, 12 August 2012

A beautiful sunset

I went to a talk yesterday evening at Traquair House and it will be forever connected with the sunset I witnessed on the way home. I was amazed how beautifully nature tuned in with what I had heard and seen during the talk.  I must alsoad mit that I made a few not quite legal stops along the way to capture the sky's perfection but it was very quiet on the road!.

The talk was part of the Reflective Histories exhibition I told you about in an earlier post. As I mentioned at the time I was most taken with the artist's book exhibited by Helen Douglas and she it was who gave the talk last night titled The Artist's Book and the Senses.

Appropriately  (and synchronistically) enough the sky looked very multi layered and textured, which is exactly what Helen's work is all about. I was already the happy owner of her A Venetian Brocade book (thanks to Joan who told me I would love it. You were right, Joan and thanks!) and acquired one of her earlier books Wild Wood last night. Both will be living in my studio so that I can enjoy their beauty and inspiration whenever I want.
The exhibition is still on till the 30th September at Traquair House and if you're anywhere near, I urge you to go! The whole exhibition is wonderful and a journey of discovery in what is already a beautiful house to visit, although I must be honest and say that Helen Douglas' book alone is worth a considerable journey to see and touch, as far as I'm concerned! Might well try and squeeze in another visit before the exhibition finishes.

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Linda said...

what beautiful skyline photos Frieda! We have been fortunate to also see some spectacular sunsets at the beach so I'll post some when I'm back-there's nothing like seeing a sunrise or sunset is there?


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