Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A rosy daisy

Nature is beautiful. I think we're all agreed on that. And it's beautiful in all it's facets whether it is a flower in full bloom like the shasty daisy above (my blip for today)
or whether it is old and decaying like the rose above which is almost finished. When I was downloading these two pictures as well as all the other ones I have taken today to my computer they somehow seemed to belong together. An idea formed in my head and I layered them together digitally (I use Photoshop Elements 6) and started playing with the different layering effects. Below are my 5 favourite versions.

I still have lots to learn and am doing my best to absorb as much as I can about Photoshop while following various online classes but sometimes just playing makes me come up with the best results.

As in all my art as well as my life I always strive for beauty in everything I do and make. It's my ultimate goal to produce art that takes my (and hopefully your!) breath away, and some of the above pictures achieved that today.


Julie said...

Until I read the text I thought the rose was a dye effect. It is beautiful and I like some of the combined effects you've achieved. I use Photoshop too but need to spend more time playing with it.

Linda said...

It would be hard to choose one to like the best-all are great. I like the rose one-texture in it and the colors, nice on it's own.

Linda said...

you just reminded me what fun playing with photoshop can be-I've neglected mine for soo long.Love the decaying rose-looks like a watercolor wash with rock salt-do you know that technique?


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