Friday, 24 August 2012

A Unique Day

Apart from walking the dogs along the old railway line I didn't leave our own house and garden and yet, somehow, took so many pictures that it was very difficult to decide which one to blip. In the end I chose the first picture of the day which was the one of the above white daisy. It's ever thus. When I'm arranging blocks for a quilt I come up with the first arrangement, decide it can't be that easy, try out another 20 or different varieties and then revert back to the first one! It's a good thing that nowadays you can take pictures of all those lay-outs as in the past it proved virtually impossible to remember what that first one looked like.
Here's a detail of the patterning in the heart of the daisy and which can be seen too in the sunflower heart below.
My original blip plan for today was to picture a sunflower as I was watching a DVD about Van Gogh's sunflower paintings. Sadly it was probably the last one I watched on the little DVD player in my studio. It seems to having given up the ghost completely after having been very temperamental for the last few months. Vincent produced no less than 13 sunflower paintings as well as many preliminary sketches capturing sunflowers in many unique moments. This and the many flower pictures I keep on taking brought to mind the words of a fellow blipper, called Molly, who sadly passed away suddenly last year, who told me when I mentioned to her that I felt I was overdoing it with the flowers, that each photograph captures a unique moment in time.
How right she was! Today was a unique day although not in any way special. Not a lot of sunshine, some rain, overcast, walking the dogs along a path that I must have trodden thousands of times before, working on a journal quilt in my studio, listening to music and attempting to watch a DVD (notice all that multi-tasking!), checking e-mails online, uploading my blip and now writing my blog. All things that I do most days and yet, today was another day that has never been before and won't ever be again. And as we don't know how many more of them we'll have we had better make the most of them.
I feel that I've done that by living in every moment and enjoying it! There was a lot of standing and staring and daydreaming too but I seem to need those quiet minutes when instead of looking outwards I'm looking inwards. I know your day was unique too and I hope you lived it to the full!


Linda said...

Such a lovely and thought provoking post Frieda. You have said it beautifully with your gorgeous picures and words.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

What a wonderful post Frieda. I loved reading your thoughts (and agree with them) and following your walk through the flowers you posted. very special. There is a great book I read recently about Vincent Van Gogh called Sunflowers by ....
Sheramy Bundrick, an art historian writing her first novel, is up to the task. She conjures a poignant but ill-fated romance in 1888 Arles, France, between the mentally fragile painter and an obscure historical figure, a prostitute named Rachel. Fans of Girl With a Pearl Earring, take note. (USA Today )
I loved it! xoxo


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