Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Another year! Older but no wiser.

Today I became a year older although I have no expectation of growing wiser. I'll always have that artist child inside to nurture and take care of, which will hopefully keep me young. The above red begonia is to say thank you for all my birthday wishes, via e-mail, Facebook, Blip and snail-mail. Enjoy the picture and if you want to use it in any way, please feel free to right-click and save!

I also posted the same begonia on Facebook using my birthday gift and this is the flower taken more convetionally with my trusty Lumix. It's also my blip for today.

You will have guessed we have our broadband back. It returned about 8pm last night, when we tried resetting it one final time. Pheeuwwwww!


Linda said...

Happy, happy birthday dear Frieda!! I need to get back on FB now that my summer holidays are over. Wishing you a most glorious day my friend. XO

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Happiest birthday dear Frieda and another bountiful year to come!!! I have sent you something but I don't think it has arrived yet -maybe tomorrow! Hopefully it will help you celebrate your special day into next week & beyond. I am thinking of you across the ponds on your birthday, happy happy!!! Now to check your blip. A most beautiful begonia you have shared with us here. xoxox

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to you!! And I'm grateful we don't have sound because my singing is terrible.


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