Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Big Sky

I haven't been here for 2 days which is most unusual now that I have a laptop in my studio and don't have to wrestle with the Big Beast as I refer to my old computer. It's now more than 10 years old and since we had broadband installed I've come to realize that some of the slowness that used to frustrate me so, was in fact due to the computer as much as the dial-up. So thoughts are turning to getting a new super fast, all-in-one model with a giga large memory for all those pics (and yes, I always back-up anyway). I'm doing the research as it will no doubt be another 10 years or more before the next one. And to think that when I bought my Amstrad way back when (I think it must have been around 1987 or so), John thought that would be that for all time to come. I think we're about 6 computers further down the line. Just a shame they don't do the cooking and hoovering too!

I can reveal that I'm now also the lucky owner of an iPad (called pinky after its cover colour) and an entire new world has opened up once again. I'm still discovering all its multitude of possibilities but have already installed Venice Mystery. A very addictive game! Oh dear! I carefully allow myself half an hour of play time every now and again as a reward for working hard in my studio.

Isn't life amazing? I needed to give someone some photographs of my work (news about that will come in September) to accompany an interview. I dropped the necessary pics into Dropbox and a few minutes later she picked them up in Germany. Maybe it's my age, but I find that truly amazing! What times we live in.

However it will always remain the simply pleasures of life that are closest to my heart. Such as a walk along our lane as shown above. I took the picture specially as the theme for the Calumet group on the Blipfoto site this week is Big Sky. I'm also pleased with the above picture because I managed to digitally lighten the bottom half of this picture using Photoshop. Now that finally I can see some videos and take some online courses I'm discovering all the in and outs of this programme (I use Elements 6 at the moment) even more. You can see where I'm taking these classes towards the bottom in the right-hand side bar.

A needle in my hand is how I love to spend my time best but the pleasures of modern technology also add much to my life.


Linda said...

Wow Frieda I can't believe you have a computer over 10 yrs old-you certainly have gotten your money's worth out of that one!! Our first PC lasted just over 6 years. Sounds like you're really enjoying your Ipad. I'm still resisting tho hubby is seriously thinking about a kindle for himself.It also appears that you have exciting news to share soon-can't wait to hear about more recognition of your talents :)

Linda said...

I have enjoyed the benefits of your new technology-more posts. Nice to know you are having fun.


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