Sunday, 5 August 2012

Broughton Place Farmhouse

There are many days when I doubt my own sanity but I can usually rely on John's.  However his deserted him too as we set out to visit Broughton Place Farmhouse in the streaming and unrelenting rain. Had we listened to the weather forecast we might not have been so foolhardy but in that case we would have missed visiting a beautiful place. It really soothed the soul and mine was in need of some loving care and attention. The garden lays opposite but much higher than that of Tom Shearer also in Broughton and who has now sadly died. I blipped a view of that one yesterday.

The views in all directions are simply stunning even though we had a lot of low hanging clouds. They take in the Tweedsmuir valley and go towards the Southern Uplands. 
As you can tell from the flower pictures it had rained there too, all morning apparently, but miracle of miracles it was dry all the time we were there. Some guardian angel must have been watching over the place.
Primrose candelabra



My favourite rose today

The above were some of my favourite pictures today, specially the rose. 
All the time I was there the place reminded me so much of the gardens seen in Impressionist paintings. This might be because I'm immersing myself in impressionism just now, looking at DVD lessons and reading books on the subject. Monet's garden in Argenteuil kept coming back to me when I viewed this one. The only thing missing, of course, was the sun!
And when we had our cream tea (thankfully indoors) we found these lovely little bouquets waiting for us on the tables. Such a delight.

On the way home we heard that several roads in the Borders and Midlothian were flooded and indeed it was extremely wet along the main roads and in our little lane, but I'm so happy we ventured forth and feasted our eyes on such a delightful garden. I had a very difficult time once again deciding which photograph to blip today but decided on the one at the top of this post.


Linda said...

These photos just take my breath away Frieda!! The raindrops on the flower petals have such a magical quality -in my mind anyway. I also think mucking about in the rain can be refreshing and cleansing at the same time. Gorgeous pictures!!

theresa martin said...

This is such a beautiful spot. Thanks for going and taking pictures for those of us who'll never visit there. Beautiful flowers.

Jewels said...

The picture of the garden by the farmhouse is wonderful Frieda... sometimes you just have to take on what Mother Nature sends your way - besides it was only water right LOL....

Linda said...

The rain didn't spoil the photographs, they are wonderful. I've always been attracted to the impressionists but have never tried it myself.


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