Wednesday, 15 August 2012

St. Mungo's Church, Penicuik

Penicuik graveyard is situated right in the centre of town opposite the large car park for the city centre, and my dentist is situated there too. So whenever I'm early I pop into the graveyard for some light relief!

Today proved to be a very good opportunity to capture the old tower in full sunshine. The tower is the last remaining part still standing of the pre-Reformation St. Mungo's church that used to be here in the middle of the graveyard. The building has been boarded up by the council and is apparently now dangerous. But it looks beautiful set against the blue sky and around the back there is a little private walled space still in tact which is now filled with wild flowers and weeds. The yellow ragwort added a splash of colour to the photograph. I used the photograph second from the top at the right for my blip today but was also very taken with the picture of this entry, so here it is. The collage, by the way, is made with the aid of PicMonkey.

And the Dalkeith graveyard blog post promised yesterday will be coming here soon too!  However the photo opportunity in this fine weather, in Penicuik proved irresistible today and I went with that.


Linda said...

Weeds even look good int eh entrance photo. Nice collage.

Linda said...

A lovely day for capturing this lovely tower!


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