Friday, 28 September 2012

39. Let's Dance Journal Quilt

After uploading the recent Pattern Journal Quilt in response to the Pattern theme on the Sketchbook Challenge site this month, I had a lot of reactions to the sketch seen below. I had selected only a small part of it to translate into that journal quilt but most of the comments were about the sketch. One of Lenna and my mutual friends, Linda, remarked on how it reminded her of a dance movement as seen on Lenna's blog. Lenna practises Nia dancing and is in the process of starting a White Belt in Nia so that she can teach. When I looked at the sketch again I immediately realized what Linda meant and once that idea has taken hold of me I just had to translate it into another, this time A4 sized, journal quilt. 

For some reason I also thought of black, white and red as my chosen colours, maybe because this spells passion to me. So I selected some of my quite large stash of black/white fabric and some red flower fabrics. Bondaweb was used to place the fabrics cut to the relevant template sizes on a calico background, ironed them down and then stitched them down too.

I added hand embroidery and beading to the black/white surfaces which made the red fabrics pop up a bit, thus outlining the dancing figure.

This was a completely unexpected journal quilt which took quite some time to stitch but the idea for it jumped (or perhaps danced!) ready made into my head, just like that.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

let's dance, yes! Oh Frieda, I am honored I somehow danced my way into your thoughts for this journal quilt!! You are always so excited and supportive of my Nia dance activities, thank you so much. I am again, in awe of your beautiful beading that truly makes this piece yours and the spirit and movement in this journal quilt.

Linda said...

So glad I gave you a bit of inspiration Frieda-Your red quilt is so opulent looking, so rich, and yes, passion is a good word for it too.Love,love,love this piece!!

Anonymous said...

The beading is so beautiful! Love the red and the textures. Very nice.


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