Saturday, 22 September 2012

A walk in Dawyck

The day started with a quite severe ground frost and fog, but that soon lifted and what came next was a splendid autumn day. We couldn't waste that staying indoors so we went to Dawyck Botanic Gardens to have a long walk. We've just renewed our membership as we really enjoy popping down there whenever we fancy it and I love going for a walk there by myself when I have creative problems (or other ones, for that matter) to sort out. I was still in landscape mode for the Calumet Group on Blipfoto and after much internal discussion decided to blip the picture above
and add this one of Dawyck Chapel to my Blip Portfolio. I've featured this exact same view here on the blog more than once before but never with the rowan berries in full glory as far as I can remember. It remains my favourite view in the gardens.

And that is saying something as the entire garden offers beautiful views in all directions, today further enhanced by sunshine and blue skies.

It's astonishing just many green shades can be found, even in only one special of leaves like the plant seen above. The sun made some of them translucent while plunging other ones in deep shadow.
 And some the leaves have started to turn. There will be many more to follow but these three were already glorious!

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Anonymous said...

glorious photos! I especially like the leaves. Leaves are a favorite and I can't get enough of them-especially in the fall. The shapes and colors are so varied.


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