Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Waves of Orange

As a further demonstration of what I wrote about yesterday here are 3 macro shots of an orange begonia that is safely ensconced in the potting shed.  I say safely as, and those you reading this in Scotland will already know,  it is a ghastly day, with easterly gales and unending rain. We've even put on the central heating! I just hope the Edinburgh City Bypass isn't flooded as we need to go to the airport to pick up our visitor later this morning. Fingers crossed!
The day needed warmth and so I added orange which always cheers me up and makes everything feel warmer. I haven't quite decided which of these 3 pictures will become my blip for today but you can check that out in the sidebar later!
The flowers are very beautiful seen in their entirety but to me they are even more amazing in macro photographs!


Linda said...

Oh my, LOVE your macro photos and especially that vibrant orange!! We're (or should I say "I") am about ready for some heating as Fall is upon us and the nights are getting pretty cold :(
Here's to flowers and happy colors to keep us warm!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

gorgeous, all of them - I love your close-ups of flowers and that orange is stunning!

Anonymous said...

Orange is a great color. The photos are gorgeous-again makes me think of folded or gathered fabric.


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