Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A day out

A day that starts with a sighting of not one but two lovely pheasant girls is almost guaranteed to be a lovely one, and so it proved today. I tried very hard to get both of them to pose together for a group portrait but one of them was having nothing of it.

Every time I pointed the camera in her direction she scuttled away with great speed despite the temptation of the seeds I threw for them. So separate pictures it would have to be and moving ones at that!

I then set off and had an enjoyable trip to Melrose today to meet up with an old friend and visit the Bernat Klein exhibition in Old Gala House (in Galashiels) as well as have another look at Helen Cowans' show in the same venue. If you want to go too, please note the gallery is now only open during the week (Tue - Fri) from 1 - 4 pm!  Fortunately I found a friendly face who was prepared to open the rooms up for us! The  Bernat Klein show was like diving into a sea of pure, joyful colour. Even the names of the pieces were a delight such as Ecstasy, Seventh Heaven, Blue Moon, Swan Lake, Dreamland. Infinite Moon, Sunspace, Gold Dust, Chartreuse, Caramba, Firedance and Golden Fleece. I was also very interested in the way he had mounted his pieces which were all the same size. Now that the end of my 52 Journals project is in sight I've started to think about how to present them all! No photography allowed inside the gallery (but you can see one of the paintings by clicking on this link!) so below a close-up I took in the gardens.

Afterwards we had lunch at Jenni's house and on my way home I could not resist a picture of Melrose Abbey! A wonderful way to spend a lovely day. Thick fog did not spoil the day but I did have to take a detour to avoid an accident scene close to home. Just hope no one was seriously injured.  I had such an enjoyable day and had been thinking while driving back that life was beautiful, so it would be so sad if for someone else this day was their last.

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Jewels said...

Gosh another place I visited many years ago! Pretty sure I still have my tourist booklet for Melrose tucked away somewhere. J


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