Monday, 8 October 2012

Being at home

It's great to go out for the day and do something exciting but I have to be honest and admit that staying home is just as good if not better as far as I'm concerned. This is especially true when I'm in the throes of creative passion such as happened today. I finished the Journal Quilt for this week (coming up here on Thursday most likely) and immediately started the next one as I had such a good idea that it had to be put to work immediately. But it was also another glorious day and it was a shame to spend it entirely in the studio. So when it came to dog walking time instead of our usual track along the railway line I ventured into the field next door. Not an easy task as no animals have grazed it since spring and the grass as well as the nettles and thistles are knee high so boots were required. It's also riddled with rabbit holes and I have to watch both my own and Troi, the greyhound,'s steps. But we managed (Rueben, the other dog looks after himself) and were rewarded with some lovely scenes and thus photo opportunities. Above Mendick Hill in the distance.
And here from the shadow of the large beech trees positioned along the edge of the field you can just about see the roof of our house peeking through the surrounding trees. A first this autumn as in the summer leaves obscure this sight.  Just a shame there are also electricity lines going diagonally through this field which annoy me terribly with the photography, but are pretty essential to provide West Linton with power!
 This is the tree standing in a neighbouring field which I must have photographed more than any other. It just looks so scenic from all directions and specially in this weather and with the long shadows. The stones you see in the foreground are from the old railway platform that once used to be located there way back when.
 Our rosehips are coming on a treat but there is no chance that I will be making jam (as if?!) as both blackbirds and greyhound are making sure they disappear as quickly as they appear!
And on such a beautiful day even industrial ironwork looks good. This is another remnant of the railway days which John has incorporated into the fence around our property. After all we do live in what used to be the old railway cottage.
We all enjoyed the sunshine, specially Troi, who is strictly a good weather girl. It's amazing to think she's 10 now even though I still refer to her as the pub. She's having some trouble with her waterworks, poor girl, but she's as sweet and happy as ever and with the aid of dog nappies we are managing to prevent the worst inside the house.

I can't quite decide which of today's photographs to blip so you will have to check it out there later!


Jewels said...

I agree Frieda - some times just hanging out at home is best. We are also having a glorious day here though it started pretty cold. 29F which I think is around 2C...pretty much did the last of my potted plants in so spending the afternoon taking them over to the compost. Thanks for sharing your pics - I especially liked the "industrial art" one though your "puppy" was a close second!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

a day at home is always the best, punctuated with a dog walk makes it even better! xoxo hugs to you & yours, lenna

Linda said...

Love the stroll around your "neighborhood" with you-lovely breathing space!I love being home and in my art room too and I also agree that if it's a beautiful day one just has to spend some time outside enjoying it-especially in the company of a dog. Troi is such a sweetie and at ten (same age as my pup) she looks great. I think she should have a treat-tell her it's from me :)


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