Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Specially for Halloween I photographed this art piece of mine (A4) which was made some years ago and was quite significant in the development of my work. It has never been exhibited as I know that not everyone shares my taste for death and its rituals, the macabre and strange. In the Victorian era the only time children were photographed was very often after their death to provide a lasting reminder of them. So many children died in their infancy (as can be seen in any graveyard) and for the parents such a photograph must have been worth the money that was needed to take it (almost always by a professional photographer). I've incorporated some of these on this piece (from a collage sheet from Alpha Stamps), as well as other death related symbolism. This piece is close to my own heart and is on show on a permanent base in my studio. So for today I'm giving it a public showing here and as my blip for today.


Anonymous said...

It really is sad the only photo the parents would have of a child was after their death. Spooky quilt-pro gyMortbably not what you intended!

Linda said...

thank you for sharing this piece-regardless of its somewhat macabre nature it is still represents your exquisite quilting art!


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