Sunday, 28 October 2012

It's a Moo day

When in doubt, blip a cow! That's my motto and I greatly prefer it when that cow is a Highlander. Somehow they are so majestic and seem to be a lot more intelligent that your everyday sort of cow. It may look like I'm close here and yes, I was quite close, touching distance in fact, but there was that all important fence in between the two of us. Good thing as there was a calf in the field which means you have to be extra careful how you approach the mother. She however seemed fairly relaxed about my presence and was more intent on getting to her food.
My blip for today! Somehow I managed to capture that bum right in the middle of the head. Cool!
Not an easy task when you have two huge horns on your head but she was very adapt at turning her head sideways, slowly moving forward and once past the railings moving her head straight again so she was sort of locked in. She used the same method to get out again. John and I drove around the neighbourhood as I finally got around to signing up for mobile broadband via a SIM card on my iPad with Three and I wanted to test the strength of the signal just in case I need to use this should our electricity and/or WiFi at home fail during the winter. Imagine my excitement when I discovered a spot where the reception was 5 bar i.e. full strength. I took the opportunity to download 2 magazines which I had previously given up on as they took virtually all day with our 1/2 Mb download via our WiFi. On the mobile broadband they took a mere 15 minutes during which time we sat in the car by the side of the road enjoying such unheard of speeds (to us!). I'm not sure John enjoyed this as much as I did, specially as the magazines were called Collage in Colour and In Stitches..
I discovered afterwards that I had used up my entire download allowance for a month in one go. Should I be tempted to sign up for the 10Gb instead of the 1? I'm trying to be good and will try and wait till next month to do the next issues! The mobile broadband is meant to be for emergencies only and should we have a lot of snow I very much doubt I will be able to get to the 5 bar site anyway, even on foot. However at the top of our garden I can get 1 bar reception! But oh the joys of such speed. Not quite worth moving house for (I love the place with all my heart) but nevertheless great to discover that it is within my grasp if I want it!.


Linda said...

Oh she is such a beautiful cow-I could watch her endlessly but I'd be way to tempted to pet her:) Stunning nature photos Frieda!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I so enjoyed your post Frieda, it was like you were having a conversation with me about your day! A lovely break from boxing up my studio -now don't even try to imagine!!!
However, I got mesmerized by the slide show of your 52 journals . . . each one different and unique, all so beautiful. I am so in awe of what you are producing because of this idea & commitment of yours - whoo hoo!!! sending love, lenna

Terri said...

Love the cow!
Hooray for you and your fifth bar! I can just imagine you sitting by the side of your road uploading your magazine! lol! But what a joy when you have had so little by way of internet speed.


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