Saturday, 20 October 2012

The sights of autumn

I've had a very busy few days, filled with various activities such as a bookmaking class, as well as a Christmas decoration class today. I'm not into Christmas in a big way and contrary to what many people expect I'm not really a crafter either. I simply use it to achieve my art. So I was not expecting all that much but in fact it was a hugely enjoyable day and I even ended up with several ornaments for in the Xmas tree when the time comes, and some very pretty decorated boxes. I do wonder though why all my activities always tend to happen within short timespans and then I have periods where absolutely nothing of note occurs. Specially this year with my 52 Journals project this makes life very difficult from time to time and I don't want to miss a week now that the end is definitely in sight. Only 10 more  Journal Quilts to make.
When I drove to class this morning it struck me that autumn has reached it's zenith. All the trees have turned colour, there are lots of leaves about and red, orange, yellow and brown dominated the landscape.
And some trees are completely bare already. The one above is situated in our lane and the photograph was taken on my way home when as you can see I discovered it had turned into a lovely day. Now I'm really ready for a glass of wine and Inspector Montalbano tonight!

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Jewels said...

Yes it seems when it rains it pours Frieda. Can you believe you are in the final stretch of your pages! What an accomplishment! Will you be posting your ornaments?


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