Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Looking Up

When I'm in Edinburgh I have a strong tendency to look up because there are so many beautiful street lights to admire. The above one can be found in Infirmary Street, Edinburgh right opposite the Dovecot Studios which I was visiting today to have a final look at the ZokuZoku exhibition. This is a display of fabulous Japanese textiles by Reiko Sudo which are spectacular. The best thing was that apart from the display (where the fabrics were shown in the shape of capes, each with a delicious button to hold them closed) there were also little sample pieces with a full description of the techniques used that you could handle them. Such a delight and something that would be a marvellous example for other textile exhibitions to follow. If you want to go and have a look yourself you will have to be quick. The exhibition finishes on the 24th.

There was also a hardback catalogue that features all the pieces on show together with the technical information. In the foreword Reiko Sudo states: "May everyone who sees the show or reads this book experience zoku zoku frissons of delight". This visitor certainly did and she was also much inspired to try some of the techniques herself and you may well see the results before too long. For once I stuck to my own resolution not to try and fit lots of things in when I'm in the big city but to concentrate on just one thing and do that in depth. However one of my other resolutions i.e. to stop buying so many books fell by the wayside completely as not only did I buy the catalogue but also indulged in 2 more books (they were on sale!) on textiles. Both utterly delicious looking and "must haves". Ah well, one out of two resolutions is not too bad. 

All that wandering around Edinburgh looking up can be quite a dangerous activity, not like trotting up and down the old railway line nearby where I can look up as much as I like without running the risk of walking into something. It also makes me realize that however much I enjoy my visits to Edinburgh I'm always very happy to return to the middle of nowhere! As you may have guessed John took this picture, a rare occurrence as I don't like being photographed. But here for once am I, with the dogs.

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theresa martin said...

Looks like you have the best of both worlds. Lovely photos and so nice to see you in one.


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