Monday, 31 December 2012

52 Journals finished

This seemed like a good day to look back over the year and photograph all my 52 Journal Quilts together! Easier said than done as it involved the floor, a variety of ladders and 2 cameras. Apart from levitating from the ceiling, a feat that is beyond me, there was no way to photograph them head on so all the resulting photographs have awful converging parallels. I've cropped the best one and show it here but sadly because of the cropping I lost my camera exit data so on the blip today the background stayed in too, thus not producing a great photograph but nevertheless encapsulating the entire year in one picture.

I will be writing about this project at some stage in the not too distant future (next year in fact!) but I'm not quite ready for that task at the moment. I need to sit down with pen and paper (how very old fashioned that sounds!) in order to gather my thoughts and reflections and once I'm done I will share it here.

In the meantime I will admit that when I saw them altogether on the floor I felt a strong pull to repeat the process again next year but I will resist. However at least once a month a journal quilt will come to be as a result of the challenges on the Sketchbook Challenge site so look out for those!

I've just added the picture above because one of my fellow blippers (Earthdreamer) offered to straighten and clean-up this picture for me and he did a marvellous job. Wish I knew as much about Photoshop as he does. If you're reading this, thanks Bob! And he is a fabulous photographer too!

I also produced 4 more Journal Quilts this year but haven't shared them because I'm required to keep them a secret according to the various competition rules. Two are on the theme of Boredom for the Textile Experiments travelling exhibition and two are black and white for the Journal Quilts Competition organized by Grosvenor Exhibitions. I'll share those with you when the time comes!

2012 is almost done and I'm hoping 2013 will be kind to us all and I can't wait to make more art in the New Year!


Jill said...

This is a fantastic achievement Frieda. Looking forward to reading what you have to say about the project and looking forward to your Sketchbook Challenge contributions.
All the best for 2013.

Linda said...

Seeing them all together is a good look at the beauty of them again and enjoy them all again. The variety is mind bogling but they look great together. What a lot of hours for you and a lot of enjoyment/inspiration for me. Terrific way to end the year and start a new one. Happy New Year to you both.

theresa martin said...

Congratulations Frieda, this is a great accomplishment. I've enjoyed following along with you. Thank for the the Christmas card too! Happy New Year to you!

Jewels said...

Wow Frieda quite the accomplishment to get them all in one shot LOL! I have visions of you hanging from the ceiling trying to get them all to fit....look forward to seeing more great art from you in 2013. All the best for the new year. Hugs across the big pond. J

Linda said...

That is one fabulous collection Frieda!! What an accomplishment! I'll be watching for your secret projects to emerge :)


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