Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A winter's day and an iTunes book

Winter proper has arrived at Macbiehill and more snow has fallen overnight. That's all good fun as far as I'm concerned but there has also been a hard frost and our little lane has turned into a skating ring. I ventured forth this morning in my boots equipped with ice breakers and taking care to walk in the verges where there is much more grip for those boots. I was wearing my duffel coat and feel quite snug. Imagine my surprise on encountering a runner in trainers and shorts! I can only hope I didn't stare open mouthed! 
He was concentrating hard and needed his breath to keep going but how he managed to stay upright remains a mystery. It's hard to tell from the picture above but the surface of the lane is solid ice. However I consoled myself with the thought that I was enjoying the beauty of my surroundings more as I could give them more of my time and attention.
Whenever snow appears each year we have lived here, Macbiehill takes on an even more beautiful appearance than the rest of the year and I certainly have learned to appreciate winter much more. It might bring with it quite a few inconveniences but there are also rich rewards as you can see.
I also had some wonderful news yesterday, and for once it wasn't entirely to do with my work. I'm keeping one piece of it to myself for just a little longer (sorry!) but I can share with you that the other piece of good news is that the catalogue for my exhibition colour-quilts-collage, held last year in Peebles, is now available as a download for iPhone or iPad in the iTunes shop. Here is the LINK! You can also find it in the sidebar!

The choice for my daily blipfoto was difficult but in the end the top picture won out as the light is so lovely.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I do so love the sky and the light but my favorite is the photo of your icy lane. I cannot imagine a runner in shorts navigating and staying upright! Thanks so for sharing your world in photos, Frieda.

And a huge congratulations on your solo quilt show catalog becoming a downloadable book! wheeeeeeeeeee! xoxox

Erica said...

Oh Frieda, I did giggle reading your story about the jogger! I do really enjoy your beautiful photos and descriptive writing. Thank you so much for your blog. It gives me so much pleasure.
Auckland has a much gentler climate than you are used to, but I was raised in the South Island high country where it did get bitterly cold in winter. Have you ever tried to wear an old pair of large socks over your shoes when walking on ice? Great for traction.

Linda said...

Appreciate the beautiful winter photos. I like winter and snow photos and painting. I would have been opened mouth at the jogger.

Penny said...

Lovely photos for one who lives in a hot and so often dry land here in the south of Australia.

Linda said...

well if we weren't so far away I would've told you that the runner was my crazy husband!That would be something he'd do, and not just that-he wears shorts year round and will even shovel snow that way.No wonder I can't get him to move to Fl! Your winter scenes are so beautiful, but I wouldn't venture out on ice. Congrats on your catalogue book too!


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