Sunday, 27 January 2013

Amaryllis Wave

After a week filled with snow and ice we're back to grey outside. Almost all the mountains of snow have vanished overnight and the rain which is steadily falling will wipe away the last pockets before too much longer.

The fact that I haven't been present here since Thursday means that I have been working away in my studio. When the creative spirit hits I tend to give myself over to my endeavours rather than spend time online however tempting that is sometimes. And I'm pleased to say the efforts are paying off. I have finished a large quilt, the first since before I started my 52 Journals project, as well as making a start on some smaller art. . And the next big quilt has been thought about and designed and actual work has already begun. This one will take time, a lot of time!

For my blip today I zoomed in on a detail of my amaryllis which is flowering its head off and providing some much needed colour into these dark January days.


Linda said...

I bet it's a gorgeous flower!! There's nothing like a vibrant splash of color to brighten the dark and dreary days.We're having one of those again today here-so I made more Valentine art :)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I wonder if you will get another bulb to follow and photograph? I used to love doing paper white narcissus or hyacinths! Personally, I really enjoyed following your photos on this one. : ))


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