Saturday, 12 January 2013


Once upon a time in Ancient Greece a shy shepherdess called Amaryllis fell in love with the gorgeous shepherd Alteo.
Sadly he wasn't interested in her but was obsessed with finding a flower better and more beautiful than any other. After consulting the oracle in Delphi the shepherdess came to Alteo's room every evening and for 30 days stabbed herself in the heart with a golden arrow every time he didn't open his door.
Finally on the next day he gave in and when he opened his door he saw a magnificent crimson bloom, grown from the blood of the shepherdess
With such a tale behind it, is it any wonder that I am unable to resist the lure to keep photographing this flower?

So far I've blipped my glorious Amaryllis 5 times already over the past days and there will be more Amaryllis pictures as this flower flowers on and then withers. I've never had one with so many flowers and the beauty of them is endless.


cri-cri said...

indeed such a beauty ...I have a white one and enjoy him almost for weeks ....

Linda said...

Amaryllis are great fun to watch them open and in the winter the color is so welcome. Beautiful photos.

Jill said...

Beautiful indeed.


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