Thursday, 31 January 2013

In the Studio

In the past few days I have spend more time than is strictly good for me in the studio. I don't know if I'm suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affected Depression) or if I'm just sad in general but my creative mojo has taken leave of absence. The weather has been unrelentingly grey, wet, windy and dismal and taking the dogs for walks means spending ages getting kitted out (that's me and the greyhound!) and coming back requires just as much time taking off all those layers again, this time dripping with rain. There is no opportunity to stand still and look around for photo opportunities (and I don't want to expose my camera to the weather in any case). And today there was so much water on the old railway line that it was almost lapping over the top of my knee high pink wellies. Maybe I'm suffering from cabin fever!

Strangely I have made massive progress work wise but even that hasn't been enough to cheer me up. All I can do is sit it out as I'm by now old and wise enough to realize that these moods will eventually pass of their own accord and the best thing I can do is get out of my own way and wait for more positive feelings to flood in. I can sometimes speed up the process by going somewhere but in this weather that's really not an option and I have vouched to not go on online spending sprees which is in any case a short time solution.

I'm hickupping against sitting down behind my computer screen and making a start on the 52 Journals Blurb book and that has a lot to do with that bad mood. I would much rather be doing than writing about the done work but I also know writing that book is a worthwhile project that I should get on with rather than putting it at the top of my To Do list each and every week since the start of this year.

Blipping has also been difficult and today I'm yet again featuring a blip that is in my own idea an "easy" option in that I'm featuring a detail from my studio as seen above. I castigate myself for not searching out something a bit more interesting and fascinating from a photography point of view which I know will make my bad mood worse! A kick up the backside is what I need to give myself! Tomorrow will be a new and hopefully better day! I wasn't going to write such a negative blog post but such days are just as much part of my artist's life as other better, happier times and in fairness to you, who are reading this (THANKS!) I decided to be honest with you.


Terri said...

Hello Freida,
You express yourself so well! I hear you! And, I do understand.
You sound like you have good ideas as to how to get things moving again. You are actually quite positive : )
I get just like you shared, in fact, I am hovering in it just now! Lol!
But I have putzed around all morning, sorting, cleaning, arranging and clearing out in my art room. That seem to at least help me cheer up that I have room to create and space to breathe.
The weather here has been severe too actually, hot, then cold, then tornado watches all last night (we spent a couple hours in the basement waiting for it to pass)...but today it is all sunshine and warmth! If you were here, we could go out and see some sites!
I wish I could send you some sunshine!

Jill said...

I was so full of enthusiasm at the thought of a new year, but it seems to have evaporated during January. I'm just hoping February will do the trick, and for you too.

Julie said...

You're not alone Frieda and I do feel for you. Maybe writing it all down has helped a little. Here's to better times.

theresa martin said...

It's definitely that time of year and you are right that these times pass of their accord. Still no fun to go through and I send some love.

Leslie said...

Remember biorhythms? They're supposed to be able to predict the various highs and lows we all experience. (there are free readers online) Maybe you're in a low. Anyway, I go thru the gloomies too and it seems perfectly normal - after all, how can you always be up? Gloomy weather definitely depresses me and it sounds like yours is awful. I always wait it out with tea and cookies and a good book.

Dotty said...

Hello, I'm sorry you are feeling so depleted at the moment. I think the unrelenting grey weather isn't helping at the moment- we are all starved of sunlight with the consequent lack of vitamin D and low serotonin levels. I'm sure you are right that if you sit it out it will pass, but be kind to yourself too. Take a little time to put some beans back in your jar! x

Linda said...

I bet most of us go thru days like this sometimes. Now that it's Feb. it brings us another step closer to longer and warmer days ahead!
Your studio pic is colorful and bright-love it-and wishing you light and brighter days.

Irene said...

We've had so much of the rain and greyness it's no wonder our mojo's get lost. Let's hope sunshine and inspiration comes soon. Your studio looks so colourful.

Linda said...

Love your polka dot boxes in your studio. Polka dots always make me feel better. We've had alot of gray cold days too. I always find February a tough month to get thru. Hoping we have more sunshine soon.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I hear you, frieda! I think it is a really good thing to let those feelings out and I think it helps to perhaps send them on their merry way!!!!!!!!!! yay!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your honesty! It is amazing how encouraging it is to hear of others who are alos finding their creativity and mood at a low ebb at this time of year. Hope you feel the sap rising agin soon.

Georgina said...

I think we all need some sunshine and the chance to come and go without having to wipe mud off everything we touch!Or is that just me!


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