Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Winter Walk

As you can see we are more or less snowed in. With a 4X4 the lane is just about doable but even then there are areas where the snow is too high for comfort. However on 2 legs there is no problem specially with spiked boots. So I set off this morning along the land in a westerly direction to enjoy an artist date as well as a photographic expedition, combined into one walk. 

The forest is mainly evergreens but there are some deciduous trees which make an impressive lacy effect against the rest of the darker trees.

And on the other side of the road slowly but surely the sky brightened.

I could see some sheep in the distance and before I could even try out my new super zoom, they decided to make life easy for me and come closer of their own accord. They were very curious but I also think they were awaiting the farmer with their feeding as normally they are much more shy.
 These were a mix of rams of various sheep breeds but at this time of year they live peacefully together.
And this one seemed to be fascinated by the camera pointed in his direction.
There was even more light in the sky on my way back although I wasn't all that happy with the electricity lines going in the direction of West Linton but there is sadly no way to avoid incorporating in my pictures. And we need the power!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Thank you for taking me on your walk. It was brisk and refreshing!! Lovely lacy trees too.

Linda said...

If I wasn't already cold, -16 here, I am after looking at the photos. Brrrrr. Really nice photos.

theresa martin said...

Thanks for venturing out to give a view of the beauty there.

Linda said...

I was freezing before seeing these pics-I must live somewhere near the other Linda who posted above me.It's 16 F here with a feel of -2 and so windy! Your photos are captivating tho- and I love the close up of the ram :)

Jewels said...

well its 5 F here (-15c) today so I can appreciate the cold! Arctic blast moving through the Midwest - though not the pretty snow here that you have...love the sheep!

Terri said...

Oh my, a wintery wonderland for sure! It is a good thing you love beauty and photography or you might not be as cheery about the snow : )
I am loving your images, you really caught the feel of the day for sure!
The sheep are sweet, I always love running into sheep on my walks in England. That does not happen here in the states!


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