Saturday, 16 February 2013

Glass fusing workshop

Today was spend very pleasantly indeed at a talk and workshop given to Thistle Quilters by the well known glass artist Emma Butler Cole.I've been a long time admirer of Emma's work which can quite often be found in the Dancing Light gallery located within the nearby Whitmuir Organic Farm.The farm is where I retreat to when our own internet connection plays up.

During the morning Emma talked about stained glass in general going back in history and her own work in particular. The talk filled me with a strong desire yet again for those lottery tickets to come up and deliver so that we could install some of her stained glass in our house. I already know exactly where!

But failing that I will have some small glass pieces to display soon that I made myself in her workshop during the afternoon.  This was all about glass fusing where pieces of coloured glass are layered on top of each other and then fused together using extreme heat in a kiln. Emma has taken our pieces away with her, use her kiln to do this, and will return them at the Thistle Quilters meeting next month when I will show you these exact same pieces again in their fused state.
The one at the top is approx. 4" square and the one on the bottom 2" which I hope to use as a cabochon and surround by beads and use as a pendant. But that is something for in the future!

Patchworking with glass is a lot faster than sewing and it was amazing to see all the different variations that were produced during the workshop. I can't wait to see them fused!


Terri said...

Ooooh fascinating! I am really looking forward to seeing them done and to see what you do with them. I can't believe how small they are! They are vibrant little pieces!
What a fun Saturday for you!

Linda said...

There is something about glass that is so fascinating. Look forward to your pieces, know I won't be disappointed.

Linda said...

looks like a fun new creative adventure and I bet these pieces will make gorgeous pendants!


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