Tuesday, 5 February 2013

White Delight

Kilmarnock Willow
What a pleasure it was this morning to open the curtains and be greeted by a completely white world. Of course I went outside immediately with my camera to capture the delight of it all. It started snowing again later that morning although now by the end of the afternoon it has all begun to melt a bit already.
But no matter, the beauty was caught on camera and here are some of the pictures I took, all of them in our garden.
The above still life in our courtyard features the remnants of an old Singer sewing machine table. as well as a plant hanger and a watering can.
And the above shot became my blip for today.


Terri said...

You have woken up to a winter wonderland! Wow, everything looks lovely covered in fresh white snow! Your images are so fab!

theresa martin said...

Winter wonderland was my first thought too. I can feel the quiet that the snow brings. Beautiful photos Frieda.

Linda said...

Wonderful winter photos! And all that beauty in your own garden, what a blessing.


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