Sunday, 31 March 2013

A White Easter

It's certainly a very unusual Easter with the snow still thick on the ground, in our garden, on the hills and also in Dawyck Botanical Garden. No more snow has fallen but it's too cold for the existing snow to melt and the forecast is that it will stay that way for the coming week. Dawyck looked beautiful in the snow and we had an invigorating walk.
There were also very hopeful signs of the spring flowers to come such as this rhododendron bud. I just hope that the night temperatures won't be making short thrift of them all.
All the daffodil greenery has started to emerge from it's white covering and I am looking forward to seeing my first flowering yellow beauty before too much longer. In the meantime the through views to Dawyck House are lovely.
 Love the reflections here too!
And this is the end of a branch belonging to one of the monkey trees in Dawyck with their lovely fractal patterns.


theresa martin said...

Happy Easter Frieda!
Lovely photos.

Janny de Roo said...

That woodpicture is great...!

Irene said...

Gorgeous photos Frieda! Happy Easter. My family are over from Switzerland, so I'm very happy.

Linda said...

It was cold here yesterday, a strong wind made it difficult to be outside but the sun was shining. Always grateful for the sun. Terrific photos.


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