Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Drochil Castle in the snow

The snow in our garden has turned to ice due to the overnight freezing temperatures and it was amazing to see the large icicles that had formed hanging from the guttering of the summer house. as well as the ice patterns on the windows.
 I loved the combination of all those patterns, specially seen as a through view using both windows. And I wasn't keen to venture forth till we spotted a snowplough approaching in the distance. John got our car out and we were ready and waiting in our driveway till it passed and I imperiously commanded: "Follow that snowplough"! Once we were out of our little lane we discovered that the main roads were in a pretty good state and had all been ploughed and grittted so we made our way to Peebles to get some chicken feed.
The sun was shining, the sky was blue and of course my camera was with me as it tends to be at all times. Fortunately John doesn't mind being told to stop for photography purposes and today we did a lot of stopping.
 Like yesterday the shadows were clear as a bell and added to the beauty of the landscape.
All the above pictures were taken on our way to Peebles and I had more or less decided to make the above one my daily photograph on Blipfoto but on the return journey I saw the great view of Drochil Castle.
This view cannot be seen during the summer as the trees in full leaf obscure it but today the remains of what once was an impressive stronghold were clearly visible and I just had to take a picture. You can only reach this Ancient Monument (it dates back to the 16th Century)  by going up a private drive (where you can stay at this B&B) and that's something I'm reluctant to do although hopefully I'll gather my courage and see if I can get to the building itself sometime in the future. Officially it's not open to the public and is apparently in a dangerous condition. For today this picture taken from the main road will do very well.


Linda said...

Icicles, a sign of Spring thaw maybe. Great photo of the stronghold, set against the winter background.

Peter Herron said...

I love the icicles and the the window image. This is quite inspiring. It looks like you have had a lovely day today

Terri said...

Hello Frieda,
Oh wow, just look at those gorgeous icicles and frost! I would be snapping pictures too : )
Your images are so lovely to look at. I love your blip...the eye travels well in it! You are surrounded by beauty!
The castle looks amazing. Too bad it is hard to reach and unstable. Maybe there are private tours?
I am glad you got out behind the snowplow and that the chicken get to eat Yay!
Thank you so much for your lovely birthday wishes!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

what fantastic views you had that day, especially the castle! I do really like the frost (and you) on the summer house windows too. Great captures on a questionable day!


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