Sunday, 10 March 2013

Is it Spring or not?

 The signs of Spring are all around now but the weather had other ideas today. We opened our curtains to snow and more was to come during the day in the form of ferocious snowstorms intermingled with brief periods of blue sky and sunshine. More snow is on the way as well as freezing temperatures. But spring is now not that far away anymore.

In our greenhouse the little primroses we bought last year have started to flower. One is yellow and the other pink and the latter can be seen above. This is a very small variety and the flowerheads are only 1/2" across (that's about 2cm). And how delicious it looks.
Out in the garden the daffodils are slowly making their green path upwards. No sign of buds yet but once they're above ground, as seen above, they won't be far behind. Sometime soon we will be skipping through those fields of daffodils and hopefully without having to wrap ourselves up in winter coats, boots and hats as was necessary today.


Linda said...

hope springs eternal n'est-ce pas?Lovely signs of Spring! We're having a gorgeous warm,sunny weekend and I have been soaking up as much of it as I can. On my way out for a good walk and then some outdoor reading for the first time since the Fall.

Linda said...

No Spring here, still 2 1/2 feet of snow on the ground and mor coming. This morning it was snowing, add anothre 1 1/2" to what we have. I'm ready for Spring. Beautiful photos.


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