Saturday, 13 April 2013

Give me flowers, give me sunshine!

I don't have any control about the sunshine in the title of this blog but we did catch brief glimpses to confirm the sun is indeed still somewhere in the sky. Daringly I even walked the dogs without a coat on although that was perhaps a tad optimistic! But flowers can be bought and as both of use were longing to see some colour in the garden we spend the morning at Pentland Plants, our nearest garden centre, where we were greeted by the colourful containers as seen above.
We indulged in some flower buying and stocked up on primroses, pansies and ranunculi which were available in many colours and sizes. This afternoon they were all potted up in hanging baskets that are now adorning the side of our house and immediately lifted the mood of the place, giving the illusion that it is indeed spring even though we still have the fire going at night and in hidden cold corners of the hills and yes, even our garden, there are still the remnants of the snow.
Of course the other benefit of this flower fest is that I can use them for my daily photographs on the Blipfoto site. You'll be sure to see them appear there today and in the near future.

I also caved in to yet another book called The Romantic Language of Flowers and found the following quotation which suits today perfectly: "Flowers are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world". (by Ralph Waldo Emerson)


Jewels said...

Still very dreary here I'm afraid - cold and mix of rain, sleet and snow coming down from Canada.... Love seeing the colourful container

Janny de Roo said...

"Give me flowers, give me sunshine! " ------to me too....!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Love the variety of shapes and colour in your barrel, Frieda. That would keep me inspired for many days! I also found the book you mentioned on amazon from a UK seller and I am ordering . . . Jewels, Jo Urbani & I had great fun with the language of flowers for a theme -you saw our postcards I believe!! I love all these connections and it looks like a beautiful book. : )

peggy gatto said...

such a beautiful riot of color!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

I cannot wait until I can start planting flowers!! Sunny Spring weather has been around and it's so tempting but I must wait a few more weeks lest I wish to just throw money away. Great quote-I love RWE.


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