Monday, 15 April 2013

Pink Mask

Time to show you the second spread in my Unmasked sketchbook made for the Sketchbook 2014 project on the subject of Capes, Masks and Tights (spot the button for it in the sidebar). There is still time to sign up yourself and you can do that on the Sketchbook Project site. As I told you previously I have ignored capes and tights and am concentrating my efforts on masks. You can find the first page here or alternatively if you click on the label Sketchbook Project below this post or in the sidebar you get a list of all my Sketchbook Project related posts on this blog.

The sketchbook will eventually travel to Brooklyn, Boulder, Santa Fe and Wichita in the US and I wish I could accompany it specially to Santa Fe!
I used mainly collage for all my spreads in the sketchbook and with mixed medium as an adhesive applied torn pieces of paper from a variety of mainly mailorder catalogues to each spread, followed by a layer of watercolour paint, stamping and doodling by hand. I added a fabric mask the same way and as this made all the layers quite thick, sewed pages of the sketchbook together to provide a more solid base. This also meant I had to make fewer spreads than in previous sketchbooks and I think this in turn improved the quality of the pages that I did produce.

If you want to have a look at my previous sketchbooks for the Sketchbook Project you can find them completely digitized here.


Linda said...

what beautiful collage work Frieda! And I love the stitching you added too-just gives it something special :)

Terri said...

Fascinating! I love reading about your process! If I was tasked with this theme, I too would have focused on masks. So I resonate with what you are doing. So many layers and images! Your collage is fab.

I am trying to get a picture in my mind as to how the sewing helps improve. I guess if I could hold it in my hands I would understand. lol!


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