Sunday, 19 May 2013

Nemphlar Gardens

spot the cat!
Today we woke to a day that seemed to be in a different season compared to yesterday. The only evidence of the disastrous weather were the gravel and stones in our little lane and the surrounding roads, left behind by the raging torrents of water. I too was a new woman, well rested after a long nights sleep and a lie-in, lazing in bed with the two dogs. After a leisurely morning I was ready for fresh air and exercise, both of which had been sadly lacking last week. I checked out the Scottish yellow garden book and discovered that the Nemphlar village gardens had their open day. Nemphlar is a tiny little village nestled in the hills of Lanarkshire, close to Lanark itself. So off we went this afternoon to visit. There were many gardens and we walked along little lanes to the various ones with beautiful views over the Clyde valley. 

My fellow blipper AnnieBScotland was very much on my mind as she sadly is in hospital having had a stroke last week, quite out of the blue. Had she been home we might have stopped and said hello. Hopefully she will soon be on her feet again and back taking photographs. Should you read this, Annie, lots of love and I'm thinking of you, and wishing you well!
evergreen new growth
Of course the camera came too and I took many pictures of all the garden flowers on show. Here are a few!
euphorbia Firefox



On the way back to our car, parked in a field, I suddenly came to a halt when I glimpsed this ancient cottage which had been completely overtaken by nature's growth. Who lived there and what was their life like?. Guess I'll never know the answers but it appealed to my romantic soul. Difficult to choose what to blip and if you want to discover my choice, just click here shortly!.

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