Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Up Close Spread

The next spread in my Unmasked sketchbook for the Capes, Masks and Capes Sketchbook Project has been completed and here it is. As the fabric mask I wanted to use looked a bit menacing to me I added a similar looking face on the other side to balance the arrangement. It's made in the usual way by collaging small pieces of paper using matte medium, adding such items as the wrappings of Amaretti biscuits. John is the one who eats them. I just buy them for the lovely tins they come in and the wrappings that add a touch of the exotic to any collage. There is quite a bit of stamping on this spread too, using flower and face stamps. Washi tape is also included.

You can the different elements quite well on the above detail. Only 3 more spreads to go to complete my sketchbook now, so well on the way as the sketchbook doesn't need to be shipped to the Brooklyn Art Library till August. In due course they will digitize it and it will appear with my other sketchbooks I did for the Sketchbook Project here.


Terri said...

Amazing! Frieda, your collage journal work is so fab. I love the way you express yourself. You are even ahead of schedule. Yay for you!
I am catching up on your blog tonight...off I go to previous posts.

Linda said...

wow Frieda your layering here is really fantastic - and that bird mask-love it!!! You certainly are one very prolific artist with all you keep up with.


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