Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Million Little Pictures Analog

I collected the photographs today that were taken by a throw away camera I received from the A Million Little Pictures project. This is organized by the same people behind The Sketchbook Project (see my post from yesterday). This is the 6th version of the A Million Little Pictures project (AMLP) and I have participated before as you can see here.
The project is about the accumulation of photographs from hundreds of different people that each create a world of their own. Once you receive your camera you go out and capture "something meaningful".Or as the project states it:" Think about who you are, where you are, and what you think will inspire the public". Sounds simple but it made me think for a long time. In the end I settled on going to a graveyard and it's one of my favourites around here in Lasswade. I have been there before as you can read in a previous post.
You take the pictures with that throw away camera. And I must admit it's a real challenge to go back to analog photography now that we're all so used to digital. You have to remember the distortion between the viewfinder and what the lens captures, as well as be aware of fingers and hairs that can be captured by mistake. Then you get the pictures developed. Again not that easy as there aren't many places left who undertake this task. But Boots came up trumps. I had them print two copies of each picture so that I could keep a set for myself and they also dumped the pics unto a CD for me which I used for this post.
You then send the pictures you're happy with (well, sort of happy!) back to the Brooklyn Art Library and 2 of them will be selected to form a huge display of pictures from participants from all over the world. The pictures will also be digitized by The Sketchbook Project and form part of my online presence there.
I wonder whether anyone else will have taken pictures in a graveyard?!


Terri said...

What a project! That is a challenge! I like that you did not do what you thought would inspire the public, but what inspires you! That is the magic! If you share what make you FEEL, then others will feel it too. I love the images that you are sharing. Maybe there will be others who do choose a graveyard for their pics too : )

Linda said...

Fantastic and such interesting photos!! I think that by going with what interests and pleases you certainly gets passed on in the photos you take. Perfect project for your photography skills frieda.


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