Monday, 3 June 2013

In the garden

Clematis Sealand Gem

Our broadband was playing up so I wasn't going to write a lot, seeing as I was sitting in a nearby lay by where the reception for my Three mobile broadband is good. Below the dramatic view from there as I was working away. Not bad for an away from home "office"

Fortunately when I arrived back home again the wifi was back in action so I can add some more text to the blog. It's great using the Blogsy app to post here but I'm still much more comfortable doing it from my large computer.

Above is the valerian plant which John insists on calling a weed even though I bought the plant at one of the open garden plant sales. He almost tore out his hair in horror as he knows (much better than me as his mother was a plant expert) just how this plant can take over a garden. I told him that if a plant looks this lovely I wouldn't care in the least so home it came with us last year. And this year there are only two plants so it's not as madly spreading as anticipated. I'm planning to brew some tea using the fresh leaves as valerian is a very calming all accounts. This was also my blip from yesterday.

Today was a day in which a lot of beading was achieved and I only took the one single photograph all day which became my blip as I wanted to share a still life near our pergola of forget me nots and tulips


1 comment:

Terri said...

Hello Frieda,
What a gorgeous plant! Oh my! I have never seen a Valerian blossom before. That is just stunning! Wonderful photography too! No wonder you wanted to include it in your lovely garden.
The forget me knots are beautiful too. I adore them. As well as your glorious tulips.
Isn't springtime wonder-full!


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