Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Hawthorn is flowering

Today I went to the World Textile Day. I didn't take any pictures there as I was simply too busy spending money. It's been some time since I went quite as mad as this but  there was not just ethnic clothing for sale but also difficult to get hold off books as well as, of course, meters and meters (yards too!) of fabric from such far flung places as Japan, Indonesia, Hungary and Africa. I'm not confessing to the total damage (oh no, I'm not!) but as I was standing ready to pay for the African fabrics (from the African Fabric shop, and I could open a little depot of that, considering the amount of their fabric I've acquired over the years) I designed an entire quilt in my head and bought the fabric, just like that. Creativity in overdrive!
The day took place in Bridge of Allan and during the drive there and back I was astonished by the beautiful flowering hawthorn trees, even along the motorway. It is the most amazing year for all kinds of wild flowers such as daisies and buttercups and now it appears also for the hawthorn blossom.
When I came home again I decided to capture today in the images of the old hawthorn that stands right next to the old railway bridge just down from our house. The detail of the tiny flowers is beautiful but my blip for today is the picture of that blossom looking like snow against the blue sky.

My hands are literally itching to get started on all the new ideas in my head. It's surprising just how inspirational a day spend in the company of like minded friends can be, surrounded by the textile wonders we all love so much. Somehow thoughts come flooding into my head and before driving home I sat in my car and made sure to write them all down. It's so easy to forget and although not all those designs will be as brilliant as I at first thought, some just might be! Better to make sure I remember them.

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Terri said...

You go to the best places! All the time! World Textile Day? Really? Why don't we have fab shows like this in my area of the world? I can just see you standing there nearby all this delicious fabric, and creating a quilt in your head!

I love all your pictures. That hawthorn tree/bush is really striking...just look at those wild blooms! Mother Nature is an incredible artist!


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