Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Variations on a theme

The weather has chenged and although it's still very mild, it's not as sunny and delightful as last week. In a way this is not a bad thing as my productivity lessens the more the sunshine increases! I'm a sun adorer, lover of that yellow ball in the sky and a follower of Apollo. When the sun shines I can't bear to be indoors. I have to soak up each and every ray even if I get overheated. I tell myself I need  all the Vitamin D that I can get, seeing as the sun is not exactly with us very often here in Scotland but the truth is that I have always been   completely addicted to sunshine. It remains a mystery why I didn't grab the chance to live in Italy when the opportunity offered but love for an Englishman proved stronger than even my love affair with the sun! And in all honesty when the sun shines in Scotland it's the most beautiful place on earth! (yes, I am biased, and not ashamed to admit it!).

I wasn't completely idle outside as  I did do a lot of fabric painting as well as hand stitching but still felt a bit guilty for all that indulgence.
Today was spent catching up in the studio and it felt good to do a lot of machine stitching and doing some of my admin (hate that job!). But there was still the need to go outside which was fulfilled by dog walking and a bit of a potter in the greenhouse. Once there I could  not resist taking multiple pictures of the Sealand Gem clematis which is in full bloom inside. These 3 pictures were the best of the many I took and all that now remains is to choose one for my daily blip picture.
You'll have to check it out there to see which one made it to the top spot as at the moment I remain undecided.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love this flower and all your photos but the second one down is so crisp and detailed, yum! xo


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