Sunday, 7 July 2013

More Garden Delights

Here are some more garden delights looking their very best in this beautiful, warm weather. Above the common mallow (malva sylvestris) which entered our garden in a wild flower seed mat given to us by my mother (thanks again, ma!). It's gorgeous. but I wasn't sure how it would cope with the cold weather.  We put the plants in the greenhouse over the winter and they all made it safely through and are now putting on a fabulous display.
Our garden is under the control of two people, one of whom likes the place to look tidy and organized and the other who loves it to be semi-wild and overgrown (the romantic look!). You've probably guessed which one I am. The garden is thus a compromise but I did win the battle of the driveway. This is gravelled and lots of things self seed there. As long as they are not in the middle where the car goes, I'm all in favour of leaving them be and as you can see above this is what happened this year.
I must admit though that however lovely the above plant may look, it's a real thug, called orange hawkweed and once it is in your garden it's almost impossible to loose it again. I try and keep it out of the flowerbed as best I can but here we are tolerating it's orange cheerfulness.
pink daisy

Perennial geranium

Today the first sweet pea flowers appeared as well as that delightful scent. During the long, warm summer evenings our courtyard swell oh so sweet thanks to these flowers.

Sweet Pea

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Terri said...

Hello Freida,
I love your freestyle garden! Everything looks lovely, and that freshly bloomed sweet pea is balm for my eyes! I love this fragrant flower very much. It is too hot here to grow them.
I am so glad you are enjoying the beauty of summer!


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