Monday, 29 July 2013

Robert Smail's Printing Works

This is the entrance to Robert Smail's Printing Works (with unintentional self portrait!) where we spend a rainy afternoon being introduced to the ins and outs of the printing world. Robert Smail's was established in 1866 in the small town of Innerleithen and became a National Trust for Scotland property in 1986 when the last member of the Smail family retired. The printer presses are still going strong there as all kinds of things are still printed there to this very day, such as leaflets, stationery and the like.
During a visit you get taken around the old place (above the cash register) and you have an opportunity to see the various presses in action.
 You can also try your hand at setting some words yourself (your name for instance) and have it printed. 
On leaving you can still this advertisement for the business set onto the outside wall.  

I feel that this blog has become a subdivision of the Scottish Tourist Board in the past few days but fear not, my mother will be leaving tomorrow so life will return to normal and art will be resumed as well as gardening!

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