Sunday, 11 August 2013

Exciting times

The beginning of the month means the arrival of new issues of all those magazines I subscribe to. And in this case there wasn't only new reading material to get to grips with but also some lovely surprises. I knew one thing was coming and that was the publication of how to make my quilt Colours of Alba in the September issue of Popular Patchwork. The quilt is at home and so I took some close-ups of it today to celebrate. The article (on page 57) describes how to piece the quilt but only gives minimal details of how to quilt it leaving it up to the individual so I thought you might enjoy seeing some details of how I stitched mine, both by hand and by machine. 

You can also read more about this quilt and it's companion (pieced in exactly the same way) in previous blogposts here.
And then when I was leafing through the rest of the magazine I also found images of my two black and white journal quilts as seen below (on page 33) as part of a report about Quilts UK held in Malvern  earlier this year. To read more about them you can visit a previous blog post here.

As if all that wasn't enough my large quilt Sweet Spring was featured in issue 85 of Fabrications, Quilting For You magazine as it had won the 2nd prize Large Wallhangings in The National Quilt Championships, Sandown, 2013 back in June. More about that one can be found here. And by the way this quilt will be on show in Wales in February 2014, Will post more details nearer the time.

Finally my quilt Fire and Ice is on show in the Art Quilt section at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham at the moment (today is the last day of the show) and although I was sadly unable to go in person I have a beautiful image of how it's hanging thanks to a fellow blipper who visited the show and was kind enough to take a picture. Here is the link. If you want to know more you can read my write up about this quilt when it was hanging at the Loch Lomond Quilt Show earlier this year here.

I definitely had my three good things happening together!


theresa martin said...

Congrats Frieda! So lovely to see you recognized for your beautiful work.

Georgina said...

Well done Frieda - utterly deserved recognition and a gift to all us quilter's. I saw Fire and Ice and will also be posting pics when I get around to doing an FOQ post - soon i hope. It looked fabulous!


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