Monday, 26 August 2013

Hidden Peebles Exhibition

My own knight in shining armour (that's John!) has only barely recovered from being my photo model for my 1000th blip yesterday. His portrait resides at the top of the Spotlight pages on Blipfoto at the moment and he was cheeky enough to suggest I should simply feature him on the next 1000 pictures as he was such an all out success! Needless to say he can hope in vain.
Instead we visited this knight today. He was my blipfoto on the 4th January this year and can be found in the Cross Kirk in Peebles. I entered him into a photo competition taking place as part of the Peebles Arts Festival, on the theme of Hidden Peebles.

The show is held in the coffeeshop of the Eastgate Theatre in Peebles from the 23rd till the 8th September so you can enjoy the pictures while having a lovely cup of tea or coffee. The pictures are hanging in a narrow corridor and it wasn't easy to take an overview show. I tried it from 2 different directions
and think this one worked out best so will probably become my blip for today. That means the end of having 2 red balloons by my name on the Blipfoto site, but John will probably remain in the Spotlight for a bit longer. He is loving being no.1, but then, even if he has to give up his spot on the site, he will always remain my star!

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