Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Let's tack

I'm hiccuping against tacking two large quilts. Normally I would never let a situation develop where I need to do two. The idea was to piece the first one, then tack it, while piecing the second one. Then tacking the second one while quilting the first one. Tacking is my least favourite part of quilt making and I try and space it out over a few days as otherwise I get rather fed up. But having two waiting meant that I felt so overwhelmed by the task that I wasn't getting on with either but instead played about, making small journal quilts, making journals and painting paper. Oh, the joys of prevarication!
After moaning about it during my house group meeting last night I finally gritted my teeth this morning and tacked the first one which will be machine quilted and thus could be tacked with safety pins. The second one will be infinitely more tedious as that one is going to be hand quilted and thus has to be tacked using hand stitching. Hopefully that one will be on the table ready for action in the next few days.

After all that exertion I'm now going to spoil myself by collaging some more papers ready to tackle another class. What fun to play with glue and paint! I'm using up papers made by being my underlayer while painting other papers and fabrics of which you can see an example above. Isn't it ironic that those non intentional papers almost always look better than the ones painting with deliberation and thought?!

At the top another view of the yummy shasta daisies in our garden. We have two huge clumps and they are looking superb this year.


Linda said...

catching up after being away. That photograph is incredible!!! I've always loved your handmade fabric papers. You're so right about things looking so much better when you just haphazardly play!

Jewels said...

when I used to do big quilts I totally loathed tacking lol - one of the many reasons (besides strong arming them into my sewing machine) I gave it up = smaller pieces are much more fun for me anyways...still can't wait to see how yours look when they get done...

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Well, I am so glad you ended up painting papers and then doing the job of tacking : ) xo


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