Sunday, 4 August 2013

Our own and Silverburn Gardens

It was a day of sunshine and dark clouds but thankfully no rain fell from those clouds, so this morning we enjoyed our own garden. Above the Echinacea Mistical Amber Mist (sorry about the misspelling but this is what it says on the label!) which was bought at Dawyck Botanical Gardens yesterday as much for it's name as for it's appearance.

And this gorgeous dahlia called Peach Brandy has also started to flower in one of our pots. I do sometimes wonder who has the enviable task of naming all these beauties and how they go about it!

Then this afternoon we visited some open gardens under the Scottish Open Garden scheme in a little place, called Silverburn which is located along the A702. The gardens were all quite different but very enjoyable and of course, there was tea with home made cakes in the village hall. I photographed the above beautiful rose but didn't realize that I had also managed to capture a little visitor in the left bottom corner. Love the effect which was entirely unintentional!

All the houses in Silverburn are nestled into the valley and have views over the Pentland Hills behind them where you can see that mix of weather conditions very clearly.

It was John who spotted this little man sitting at the apex of a roof. A very incongruous sight and I couldn't find anyone who had the slightest inkling what it is all about. There is a fish at his feet and somehow he looks quite monk like to me with his tonsured hairdo. It immediately brought the Bible saying "fishers of men" to mind (yes, that Dutch Reformed upbringing does come in useful at times!), but that still doesn't explain how and why this figure is located on top of a roof in the humble village of Silverburn. Hope to one day unravel this mystery!


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Lenna Young Andrews said...

your photos of flowers are breathtaking . . . the little man very interesting!!


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