Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mixed Media Mayhem Journal

Last night was a very cold one with a touch of ground frost already and it reminded me that it's about time to remove the paints and inks from my painting shed so that they don't suffer frost damage. Last year I was a bit late doing this and as a result lost an entire large pot of gesso that turned solid after freezing and never returned to a liquid state. I'm trying to finish all the projects from my online classes before it turns cold properly and so today I can show you the end product of the Mixed Media Mayhem online class taught by Roben Marie Smith. She is a very enthousiastic and excellent teacher with beautifully made videos. Really you can't go wrong in her class and I just love all those different journals that are the result.
This one has canvas as the cover and the inside journal pages started life as file folders. They got treated with gesso, inks and acrylics and lots of stencils. I'm getting stencil obsessed! The inside pages aren't finished yet as they are only the beginning. There will be lots more to do when art journalling on them which I hope to do this coming winter. That will be up to me. I also painted both sides of the cover, both inside and out, just so I could make a choice which one I like best.
The other item I added was the closure which is from another of Roben Marie's classes that I will share with you in the near future. This journal in the class has no closure but I wanted one.
This is the back of the journal and you can see that the canvas cover has been edged with fabric. This is in fact cotton that I used to wipe up the inks etc. while working on the cover and the pages.
This is a detail from one of the inside pages. I used it as my blip a few days ago.
As you can see after that cold night we are having a lovely sunny day so that I could take some pictures outside. The journal toned in beautifully with the marigolds!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

ooooh, the back with the cotton fabric edging (leftover background fabric!!) is divine. I adore this whole thing Frieda, and love seeing you go wild with stencils and painting!! whoo hoo!!

Georgina said...

What stunning results - you have a fine collection of stencils! I love a stencil too, so versatile in creating texture or focus! Brill!!

Jewels said...

Just love love love this Frieda! We are having rather bizarre weather here - was in the 80's yesterday!

Georgie Horn said...

This journal is wonderful!


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