Saturday, 14 September 2013

Taking the Sunshine Away

I realized yesterday that I was meant to be in two places at once today. Entirely my own fault and a reminder that I must write things down!  Sadly being multi present is not one of my talents so I had to make a choice and in the end spend the morning doing what I had to do and then during the afternoon helped John putting our many pots and hanging baskets in the greenhouse, potting shed and garage. Even my painting shed was roped in for storage.
The first autumn storms are meant to hit us tomorrow and the weather forecast sounds absolutely dismal. There is quite a bit of life left in all our plants so we had to take some emergency measures to preserve them and rescue them from being blown asunder. The plants in the ground will have to take their chances although we did do some additional staking.
 The gales are meant to reach us by midday tomorrow and by Monday afternoon they should have passed.
It was very hard to believe the bad weather is coming as we were sitting in the garden and enjoying the sunshine in between our labours. But it sounds like this air plane might be taking our sunshine away.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

beautiful photos, I so enjoyed. Wishing things are not to crazy tomorrow for you . .. love!

Terri said...

Gosh, I hope it wasn't too bad!
You didn't mention it in your newest post, so I hope the weather person was off. lol!
It is too early for your beautiful plants!


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