Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Visit to Edinburgh

Listening to the radio this morning it was announced that Edinburgh is the second spookiest place to live after Transylvania. Well, not today it wasn't. It was bathed in sunshine and looked gorgeous even though it was a wild hair day with a very stiff breeze.
I went there to visit the Branching Out exhibition of textile art and wood by Sheila Dalgleish, Mairi Wheeler and her husband Ian, who is the woodworker. It was in the Whitespace Gallery (it lived up to the name) in Gayfield Square. An area of Edinburgh I had not venture into before and that was very peaceful even though it's just off the Leith Walk. If you haven't been yet, don't delay. The show is only on till 2nd November. Open daily from 10 - 4 with free admission.

Afterwards I made my way back to my bus stop in a leisurely fashion (and after enjoying a cup of tea!), once more admiring these giraffes and of course the stupendous views of Calton Hill from the Bridges.
I wasn't the only photographer leaning over the railings in order to capture it today. It's not that often that we have this sort of weather!

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Linda said...

fabulous photos Frieda-love the giraffes!!
On another note, the B & B Bill and I stayed in when we went to Cape May is Leith Hall. And we stayed in the Scottish room :)Bill thinks that means I can take Scotland off my bucket list now-I don't think so!!


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