Thursday, 10 October 2013

West Linton Church and Graveyard

It has been quite some time since I last spend time updating my West Linton graveyard blog for a number of reasons such as the fact that I was busy with other things, the warm summer which meant more free time was spend in the garden and the fact that the church was covered in scaffolding. This morning though we had to vote for a new local councillor and as it was lovely and sunny (although freezing cold in the wind!) I popped into the graveyard. And I have now posted more gravestones on the blog. No new burials have taken place in this graveyard (there is a new cemetary just outside West Linton) for quite some time so eventually I will have all the stones documented and that particular project will be at an end. And that end is now definitely in sight.

I still get regular comments on the graveyard blog from far and wide. There are so many people interested in researching their genealogy and they seem to appreciate pictures of their ancestors' last resting places. Those buried here in the West Linton graveyard certainly have a beautiful place to reside in.

I couldn't resist taking this picture as the church (newly painted) looked so attractive in the sunshine.

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