Saturday, 2 November 2013

Blue Lilies


John bought me a bouquet of blue lilies today. I've never seen these before and have spend the day wondering if this is some kind of artificial effect ( like dye added to the water) or if this is a new variety. At the moment all flowers are still closed and I'm looking forward to seeing them unfold. That might throw some light on the matter.


As you can see the leaves too are very dark which could mean dye was used!



Anonymous said...

No blue lilies are not a natural color - usually white cala lilies that are dyed - as you suspected.
Beautiful though.

Frieda Oxenham said...

Thanks so much, Kumilko. Glad you've cleared that up for us!

Leslie said...

Gorgeous color, tho, fake or not. It's the same blue as a hyacinth macaw.

Linda said...

how sweet of John to brighten your day with such beautiful flowers-even if they are dyed-gorgeous color!


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